Let's Fly in October. Jeddah

30 Jun 2023

Welcome to Jeddah, a stunning coastal city in Saudi Arabia. Starting in October, passengers can look forward to a spectacular journey as flights begin to this remarkable destination, known as the gateway to the holy city of Mecca.

Jeddah entices with a wealth of captivating attractions within its borders, including the mesmerizing King Fahd Fountain, the historic lanes of Al-Balad, vibrant souks, and the breathtaking beauty of the Red Sea, promising a remarkable experience immersed in centuries-old architectural treasures, vibrant markets, and breathtaking sea views. Located just a short distance away, Mecca is easily accessible from Jeddah through a well-connected highway and a convenient high-speed train service.

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Please be aware that as a citizen of Kazakhstan, it is mandatory to obtain an e-visa before traveling to Saudi Arabia.