News from Deloitte - February 2020

26 february 2020


2020 marks 175 years of Deloitte people making an impact that matters. It’s an enduring story that began in 1845 with William Welch Deloitte. An individual with an ideal, integrity and incentive to build something that would last. Someone who understood the power of connection as a way to grow. It was the start of a thriving global organization, which has grown to more than 300,000 people proudly carrying forth a legacy of connection and collaboration. Ideals that remain the bedrock of today’s Deloitte—an organization with the multidimensional perspectives necessary to solve the world’s greatest challenges— in business and society.

It’s in our DNA.

It’s how we make an impact that matters. We’ve been a human catalyst at the intersection of business and technology since the advent of the steam engine. We’ve served clients through three industrial revolutions. We’re more than ready to lead through the fourth. We’re not trusted because we’ve existed for 175 years. We’ve existed for 175 years because we’re trustworthy. That’s why clients choose Deloitte.

That’s our legacy. That’s our future.

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Tracking the trends 2020

Over the past few years, the mining sector has made significant strides to steer through disruption and volatility. However, they continue to grapple with a host of external challenges—from an uncertain geopolitical landscape and technological disruption to increased demands from communities and investors. How can miners succeed and lead from the front?

To thrive, some companies are addressing climate change and investor concerns through decarbonization and uncovering new opportunities through joint ventures. Miners are also revisiting their talent and diversity strategies, working to strengthen relationships with local communities, and seeking ways to create value beyond compliance.

Now in its 12th year, Tracking the Trends 2020 features insights, strategies, and forward-thinking ideas that mining companies can leverage to learn how to lead from the front. Our global mining professionals once again share a wealth of lessons learned that companies can draw upon to reposition for the future.

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Development of competition in Uzbekistan

05 February | Uzbekistan

A special Project Office has been created in the Uzbekistan Antimonopoly Committee to accelerate reforms in the development of a competitive environment. Tax & Legal Department Senior Consultant Zarina Ashurova and other Deloitte representatives were involved.

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Business meeting in Uzbekistan

03 February | Uzbekistan

Deloitte representatives took part in an Uzbekistan-Singapore round table organised by the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade together with the Agency for Attracting Foreign Investment

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Founding Members

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