Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne Became a Honourary President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan

01 october 2019

We are happy to announce that Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne became a Honourary President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan.

Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne is a Peer of the Realm and a member of the House of Lords. She is a member of the Conservative Party and Founder and Chairman of AMAR International. She started the charity in 1991 in response to Saddam Hussein’s systematic persecution and extermination of the Marsh Arabs, and it has now grown to become one of the leading charities in the Middle East to rebuild lives in conflict countries. It has now conducted 10m health and education consultations. In Romania the Baroness has looked after 250,000 Children, many of whom were tragically designated “undesirable” by the Government.

She serves as the Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, The Republic of Iraq and Turkmenistan, operating at senior Prime Ministerial and Presidential levels politically and at CEO and chairman level in public corporations. In Parliament she co-chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group for Foreign Affairs and was a member of the influential ad-hoc Soft Power Committee.Baroness Nicholson chairs the Select Committee on the Prevention of Sexual Violence in Conflict and is soon to co-Chair the APPG Global Britain.

Baroness Nicholson served as Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party from 1983 - 1987. She was elected to the House of Commons in 1987 as Member of Parliament for the Torridge and West Devon. She was appointed to the House of Lords in 1997. Baroness Nicholson has served as official Election Leader and Observer in thirty two nations. She has taken part in many election observer missions to countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Russia, Moldova, Kenya and Zambia, and was Chief International Observer twice in Yemen and Armenia. The Baroness has an acute and astute understanding of the developing world and countries in and recovering from deep and systemic conflict.

In 1999 she was elected as a Member of the European Parliament to the South East Region of England and re-elected for the same constituency in 2004 – 2009. She subsequently served in the Parliamentary Council of Europe in Strasbourg from 2011 – 2014. She was a member of the European Parliament for ten years and served as Vice President of the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, Human Rights, Common Defence, and Security Policy. She also served as European Rapporteur for Iraq, Kashmir, and Romania. She continues to serve on the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and is the former chairman of the Inter-parliamentary Standing Delegation between the European Parliament and Iraq.

She is President of AMAR US, chairs the AMAR International Charitable Foundation (UK) and AMAR Lebanon. She is founder President of the Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC), chairs the Romanian Children’s High Level Group, is a Vice President of the Mary Hare School for Deaf Children, Patron of the Caine Prize for African Writing, Chairman of the Booker Prize for Russian Fiction and Vice Chairman of the Man Booker Prize for English Fiction. She has been awarded eight Honorary Doctorates has published 2 books and edited various others.

Previously she worked as a Director of Save the Children. She studied at The Royal Academy of Music after which she entered the IT industry where she developed computer software, built computer systems and managed contracts in the City of London, British Government Departments and Africa.

She is a member of The Reform Club, The Royal Over-Seas League, the Royal Society of Arts and an Academician of the Royal Academy of Arts.

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