DELOITTE: Deloitte Academy

28 august 2019

We are pleased to announce that the Deloitte Caspian Region Academy will be opening its doors again from July 2019 to offer training for leaders, executives and specialists in internal audit, risk assurance and internal controls; finance and accounting, and interpersonal skills. We pride ourselves on our long-term client cooperation, innovative approach and effectiveness.

The Deloitte Academy offers comprehensive development programmes for specialists in a range of business areas, catering for all experience levels and offering the individual the opportunity to develop business skills, at the same time keeping in mind their professional growth and expanding duties and functions.

Our training courses incorporate modern approaches and methods, such as business games, simulations, facilitation discussions and interactive visualisation. Exhaustive pre-training communication with the client means we can tailor our deliverables to your needs and ensure that we provide an experience that more than meets your expectations.

All Deloitte Academy training sessions incorporating sector specifics and best practices contain original and beneficial elements from related areas. Upon completing a course, students are provided with post-training support that focuses on assessing results achieved and implementing changes to current duties.

Below you can find a list of the upcoming training sessions in Almaty:

“Planning and Managing Working Capital”, 20 September 2019

“Financial Management”, 26-27 September 2019

“Personal Brand Management”, 20 September 2019

“Internal Audit: from Planning to Reporting”, 18 October 2019

“Organising Internal Control Systems and Carrying out an Internal Audit”, 25 October 2019

“Independent СВА: Advantages and Practical Application of Standards, 1 November 2019

Other popular training:

“Unit Economics”

“Management Skills Development”

“Project Management”

See our Academy updates at:

Founding Members

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