Asset Integrity Management for Oil and Gas

Asset Integrity Management for Oil and Gas
Event Date: October 18, 2020
Event Time: 10:00 - 18:00
Venue: Online Training
Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Course overview:

Asset Integrity Management (AIM) for oil and gas provides a comprehensive overview of AIM systems and their implementation for safe and reliable oil and gas production.
The course begins with a high-level overview of the business case for AIM and then summarizes development of these systems towards modern applications. People aspects of AIM, the first of three main AIM element focuses, is then discussed. This is followed by a review of key processes and procedures for AIM, with particular emphasis on hazard / risk identification, management and assurance. Plant issues of AIM are then presented, including pressure systems, protective devices, risk-based inspection / maintenance and corrosion management. A brief wrap-up concludes the course.

The course is designed for:

Professionals who work in oil and gas engineering, operations and maintenance, including mechanical, process, structural and pipeline engineers, operations managers and supervisors, safety / process safety professionals and senior level leaders who need to better understand AIM and its applications.

Course outline:


High Level Aim Overview:
Historical development
Main elements of AIM
People, process and plant

People aspects:


Process aspects:

Hazard / risk assessment and management
Practices and procedures
Management of change
Incident investigation
Emergency response
Performance management and assurance

Plant aspects:

Plant / process integrity
Protective systems



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